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We are fully insured to drive and work on your vehicle with a motor trader's policy, public liability insurance and also service indemnity so you can rest assured you are in safe hands with ScotWheels. Our technicians are fully qualified and trained to the highest standard. Method Statements and Technical datasheets are available on request.

Fully insured, Fully qualified, fully prepared

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About us and our process

At ScotWheels we strive for perfection. We make every job hassle-free for our customers by offering a fully mobile professional service - no need to take your car to a repairer and for it to be off the road for days! (Especially if you need your car to get to work). Same day turn-around as STANDARD and as soon as the wheels are put back on your car it's ready to be driven.


We come to your home or workplace, safely jack up your vehicle and remove the damaged wheels. We then break the bead of the tyre (if required) to get to the troublesome areas. If your car needs to be moved, we are fully insured to do so. We only use the highest quality TUV-approved jacks and axle stands to ensure our own safety and the safety of you and your vehicle. We also have public liability insurance and service indemnity so you always know you're in safe hands.

We then sand and feather out all the damage using various professional techniques and state of the art equipment. The wheels are then scotched (Keyed), cleaned twice and tack-ragged

(resin-impregnated cloth)

The tyres are then masked so that there is no unsightly overspray left on them. The wheels then have 2 coats of primer applied (etch on bare metal) obeying correct flash-off times between coats. Primer is dried and fully flattened to achieve an ultra-smooth finish.

We only use DeVilbiss sprayguns, which are the best and most technologically advanced spray guns on the planet. This and our technicians' expert training assure you that the perfect finish you desire is always achieved

Two coats of your chosen colour are  applied and dried. The wheels then receive two coats of lacquer, which fully protects your wheels and gives them a remarkable shine. The lacquer is then cured hard under Infrared/UV lamps. The tyres are de-masked and tyre dressing is applied.

The wheels are fitted back to your car, axle stands and jacks removed safely, and wheel nuts torqued up to the manufacturer's specification. Your car is now ready to drive with its wheels looking like new!!

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