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😍Now we are CFC accredited (Coating Farm Ceramics) please check out their Facebook page by clicking here and website by clicking here, we can offer a large range of innovative ceramic coatings, including professional grade coatings not available to the public and can only be applied by an accredited, studio based detailer like ourselves.


The ceramic based products range from 3 months all the way up to 7 years protection with their unique 3 layer coating, they are manufactured by a Korean company, CNS Tech Lab with 25 years experience in the trade. Phenomenal products, the durability and gloss created are out of this world!!


Here are some of the services we will be offering. The defect reduction percentages are condition dependant:


All details include a full multi-stage safe wash and decontamination, fallout remover, tar remover, fully clay barred  (chemical decon only on the protection detail), engine bay, door shuts, petrol flap and arches cleaned, wheels deep cleaned and decontaminated, pat and blow dried, tyres cleaned and dressed, exhaust tips cleaned and polished. 2 x IPA wipe downs prior to coating.


Protection detail and ceramic coating:

All of the above , this detail is NOT for defect, swirl or scratch removal, the gloss levels will be very good indeed. Prices below:

  • 3 month coating £95

  • 6 month coating £120

  • 12 month coating £150

  • 2 year coating £195

  • 1 day booking.


Single stage correction and ceramic protection:

Aiming for at least 75% defect reduction, more in some cases, all of the above but a very, very thorough single stage machine polish for scratch, swirl and defect reduction, leaving an incredible gloss and finish. These details are excellent value for money. Prices below:

  • 3 month coating £175

  • 6 month coating £195

  • 12 month coating £265

  • 2 year coating £295

  • 1 day booking (possibly 12 hours).


2 day, 2 stage correction and ceramic coating:

All of the above with a very in depth 2 stage machine polish aiming for 85-90% defect reduction, leaving a jaw dropping shine and finish. These details are for those who'd like deeper and further defect reduction and that extra gloss.  Prices below:

  • 3 month coating £325

  • 6 month coating £345

  • 12 month coating £395

  • 2 year coating £445.

  • 3 year £575


3 day, multi stage correction and 3 year accredited only ceramic coating detail:

Aiming for at least 90% reduction (often more) in defects (these are normally a 2 or 3 stage intensive machine polish) and accredited only, premium grade 3 year ceramic coating, all of the above an and a 3 year ceramic coating (often surpassing this estimate if correctly maintained).  Simply astounding results from these details. Price below:

  • £675.


The ultimate, 5 day detail: 

As above, multi stage correction and accredited only, premium grade multi-layer ceramic coating. Prices below:

  •  2 layer, 5 year ceramic coating £795. 

  • Unique 3 layer, 7 year ceramic coating £945.


New car details :

Professional grade, accredited only ceramic coating details, including intensive machine polishing to remove factory and dealership defects (YES your new car will have defects, far more than you'd hope for unfortunately). Prices below:

  • 3 year £445 (2 days)

  • 5 year £645 (5 days)

  • 7 year £795 (5 days).


Prices are for small to medium sized cars, larger vehicles will have additional charges.

ALL details require a non-refundable deposit of £40 to secure the booking.


Add on packages:

  • Wheels off, coated inside and out, calipers, exhaust tips and arches coated: £145

  • Glassgaurd Rain Repellent window coating: From £35

  • Interior detail with protection to all surfaces, FROM £95

  • Any 1 year plus coating topped up with a 6 month sacrificial layer, £45

  • Engine bay detail and 12 month ceramic coating From £45